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Attendees and Accompanying Persons

Accompanying Persons

General Information

The Fusion 2016 conference features multiple social events to allow for efficient networking in comfortable settings. We encourage all participants to attend the social events as the information exchange at these events is deemed invaluable by many participants. Both conference attendees and accompanying persons can take part in all activities.

While the main social events (Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner with its surrounding program) are free of charge to conference attendees, a registration for these events is required for accompanying persons.

In addition, guided tours in and around Heidelberg can be booked separately.

We have summarized all fees in the table below.

Activity Attendees Accompanying Persons
Welcome Reception Free 35 Euro
Heidelberg’s Old Town Tour with Boat Trip 20 Euro 20 Euro
Historic Tramway 60 Euro 60 Euro
Fusion 5K Run Free Free
Banquet Ticket Free 100 Euro
Speyer Cathedral Tour Free Included in Banquet Ticket
"Speyermer" City Walk Free Included in Banquet Ticket
Visit of the Technic Museum Speyer Free Included in Banquet Ticket
Gala Dinner at Space Flight Exhibition Hall Free Included in Banquet Ticket
Heidelberg Castle Tour 20 Euro 20 Euro
Heidelberg: Eyewitnesses Close-Up 20 Euro 20 Euro
Philosophers’ Walk Free Free
Heidelberg Castle Illumination Free Free

Registration Information

Thank you for your interest in the social program of the FUSION 2016 conference in Heidelberg.

Please note: As a conference attendee, you should register for the conference first. After completing your main conference registration, you can book extra tickets for the Welcome Reception and the Gala dinner for your accompanying person(s) using the link below.

In case you or your accompanying person want to attend some of the guided tours, you can also use the link below.

Please make sure to book all social events at once as changes have to be done via email to

Registration Page

To register for the conference please see Fees and Registration page.

Cancellation policy for accompanying persons and guided tours

A written notification to the registration office is required for cancellation. Please send a cancellation email with the subject "Fusion 2016 Cancellation" to

All items can be canceled for a processing fee of 30 €.

After June 13, 2016, no refunds will be provided for cancellations. All refunds will be provided after the conference.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

19:30–22:00 - Welcome Reception
Included in conference registration (extra ticket 35 Euro)

The welcome reception takes place at the conference venue, the Heidelberg Convention Center, directly after the last tutorials.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

9:30–11:30 - Heidelberg’s Old Town Tour with Boat Trip
20 Euro

Discover the beauty of Heidelberg with an old town tour and then experience the special atmosphere of the town in a 40-minute boat tour along the banks of the Neckar. This combined tour on foot and by boat will give you access to the Heidelberg triad of the river, the town and the Castle.

14:30–16:30 - Historic Tramway
60 Euro

Take a Ride with the Historic Streetcar. The Old Town, the Castle, the shopping boulevard - Heidelberg is world famous for its attractions and points of interest. We invite you to go off the beaten tourist paths and discover some of the best kept secrets - during a tour on the historic streetcar through the city’s Handschuhsheim and Neuenheim neighborhoods. Hop-on/ hop-off of the historic streetcar whenever and as often as you want. You can also choose the route you want along the railway network. A trained tour guide will accompany you on your journey. Drinks and pretzels are included.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

06:30–07:30 - Fusion 5K Run

The 6th Annual Fusion 5k run will occur on Thursday morning at 6:30.

If there are questions, please contact Darin Dunham,

Previous year’s results can be found at at the bottom of the page.

The rest of the social events on this day take place in Speyer, located 30 km from Heidelberg. Regular bus transfers from the conference venue to Speyer and back are offered for accompanying persons and later also for conference attendees.

10:30–12:00 - Speyer Cathedral Tour
Included in Banquet Ticket

The Speyer Cathedral dedicated to "St. Maria and St. Stephan" is the mother church of the diocese of Speyer and the parish church of the Cathedral. Its founders were the Salian emperors who had built it in the 11th century as the largest church in the then known world to serve as a recognition of their responsibility for all of Christianity. Today it is an outstanding example of Romanesque architecture and it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

13:30–15:30 - "Speyermer" City Walk
Included in Banquet Ticket

Today, the city enchants the visitor with magnificent structures from different eras, romantic lanes as well as popular squares and promenades. Isn’t it wonderful to know that there are certified tourist guides in Speyer who bring the city’s history alive and let its building blocks speak for themselves?

16:00–19:00 - Visit of the Technic Museum Speyer
Included in Banquet Ticket

18:00–19:00 - Visit of the Technic Museum Speyer
Included in Banquet Ticket

At the Technic Museum Speyer you can wander around inside an original jumbo jet, as well as inspect the inner workings of a submarine and a sea rescue cruiser. In the halls you will find the largest space flight exhibition in Europe, offering the Russian space shuttle BURAN, an original Moonstone, space suits, a Soyuz landing capsule, as well as locomotives, vintage cars, fire trucks, motorcycles, and thousands of other exhibits. In the Museum Wilhelmsbau you will experience mechanical musical instruments, fashions, and dolls. Unique in Germany, the IMAX®-DOME movie theatre presents exclusive films on a giant dome screen.

19:00–23:00 Gala Dinner at Space Flight Exhibition Hall
Included in Banquet Ticket

The gala dinner takes place in the Space Flight Exhibition Hall that features approximately 600 unique exhibits on an area of over 5,000 square meters, documenting the history of space flight from its beginnings in the early 1960s to the current international space station. In addition to the original space shuttle BURAN, also the training module of the space laboratory Spacelab, and a 1:1 model of the research module Columbus are to marvel at.

The exhibition space will be specifically arranged for this event to comfortably accommodate all participants in the midst of the breathtaking exhibition space. Bar stools and bar tables create a casual atmosphere, facilitating to look around, change seats and socialize. After the appetizer, an award ceremony will take place for the authors of the best papers and other noteworthy persons. During or even after the main course and desert, you are free to wander around the museum to marvel at the technological advances of mankind.

Time table of July 7

Time table of July 7

Friday, July 8, 2016

9:30–11:30 - Heidelberg Castle Tour
20 Euro

It towers majestically above the roofs of the old town and impresses millions of people year after year - the Heidelberg Castle. With a tour through the castle courtyard and the castle garden, you can immerse yourself in the colorful history of the world-famous structure. A visit to the giant barrel, the largest wine barrel in world ever to be filled, is also featured on the program (no inside areas).

14:30–16:30 - Heidelberg: Eyewitnesses Close-Up
20 Euro

Come with us on a journey through time and meet eyewitnesses who help you to experience the distant past in an entertaining way. Let people who are the most familiar with Heidelberg lead you through the historic Old Town of Heidelberg and up to the most famous ruins in the world.

Recommended Activities

Anytime – Philosophers’ Walk

The outlook is unique – the Philosophers’ Walk reveals a true picture-postcard view of the city, the river, the Old Bridge, the Castle and the Königstuhl towering almost 2,000 ft. above it. From the Philosophers’ Walk the path winds its way over innumerable steps and rough cobblestones down to the Old Bridge, another petrified relic of the old residence city. Scholars once strolled in their stiff frock-coats to relax their thoughts with a walk. Exotic plants flourish here on this tiny climate island, which is one of the warmest places in Germany: Japanese plum and American cypress, Spanish broom and Portuguese cherry, lemons and pomegranates, bamboo, palms, pines.

Saturday, July 9, 2016 – Heidelberg Castle Illumination 2016

“...I have spent hours here, as I found myself under the most beautiful skies that I have seen in my whole life...” raved the poet Jean Paul at the start of the 19th century. Heidelberg enchants you with magical moments, especially with mild summer nights and Mediterranean flair. The Heidelberg Castle Illumination is known for unforgettable nights, and on following Saturdays, June 4, July 9 and on September 3 this special event will once again take place this year. Bengali flares slowly immerse Heidelberg Castle in mysterious red fiery glow. It is as if the ruins were being burned once again in the course of their long history. When the glowing castle slowly fades, the second part of the spectacle begins – the brilliant fireworks over the Neckar. You can get the best view of the fireworks from the banks of the Neckar, from the Philosophers’ Walk, or from one of the fireworks boats. The Heidelberg Castle Illumination commemorates the destruction of the castle by the French in the 17th century. Elector Friedrich V staged the first fireworks display in 1613 to welcome his newly-wed bride Elizabeth Stuart in a befitting manner.

Further Activities and more Information

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